Watch Servicing

Do you need a watch service? The Gold King can help!

Watch batteries fitted on the spot for most watch models.

Servicing watches and pressure testing is done by our watchmaker. Not on-site. One of our most trusted horologists, Bruno Paoletto, is a second-generation watchmaker with over 32 years of experience. You can learn more about Bruno’s services by clicking here.

We specialize in servicing high end Swiss watches such as Rolex, Omega etc

We can source new mechanisms, parts and carry out repair work on your luxury watch.

Just like with many car owners, people neglect routine watch servicing, just because they don’t know that it’s necessary. Even though their watches are ticking or keeping good time, does not mean that all is necessarily well.

Watches can continue to keep operating even with little or no lubrication, due to their strong mainsprings. This can eventually cause a very expensive time-piece to turn into a very costly repair. Rolex and many other watch companies recommend having your watch overhauled every 5 years.

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