Car Pawnbrokers Gold Coast

Borrowing or conducting a vehicle pawn loan with The Gold King is very easy! We have same day $3,000 to $80,000 Car Pawn Loans available immediately!

The entire cash loan process can be completed in minutes. And you will get the cash you need instantly at The Gold King Pawn Shop!

Loans are available against most cars. This includes motorcycles, boats, jet skis and trucks.

Interest rates are negotiable! Call us now to discuss a competitive deal.


1. Generally speaking, cars older than ten years or with an odometer higher than 180,000 km will not be accepted.

2. The car we lend money against will need to be kept at our secure holding facility for the duration of the loan.

3. Twenty four hours notice is generally required before the vehicle is collected.

4. The vehicle must have a clear title with no finance owing on it.

5. Bad credit is no problem. The loan amount depends on the car's value, nothing else.

Loan Conditions

  • Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 20% per month or 60% for a three month period or 240% per annum
  • There are no other upfront fees, no valuation fees and no hidden fees
  • As an example, a customer who borrows $3,000 will owe $4,800 after three months
  • Loans can be extended by paying one month of interest as per Second-hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2003
  • Interest is based on the capital amount of the loan and is calculated monthly
  • Failure to pay out the loan at the end of 3 months or failure to extend the loan, will result in the vehicle being sold to redeem the money The Gold King lent

How It Works

Bring your ride down to our Gold Coast Pawn Shop with your Driver's License and your vehicle registration document from the RTA.

A team member will appraise your vehicle, complete title checks, discuss with you our loan terms and conditions.

Receive a cash settlement instantly. We promise to offer a competitive cash loan amount againt your ride.

Finally, your vehicle will be placed into our Gold Coast Pawn Shop’s secure storage awaiting your return.


Get a response within 30 minutes