The Gold King provides a highly reliable repair service; we repair almost all items of jewellery including watches, no job too big or too small.


Did you know that the most common jewellery repair is a solder. So when you have snapped your chain or bracelet we may be able to do it for as little as $20 (silver) or $28 (gold). Another really common repair is ring resizing, everyday we carry out ring adjustments, whether the jewellery repair is simple or complicated we are up to the task. How about considering having us create some handmade jewellery for you! Your satisfaction is our priority.




At The Gold King we specialize in delivering quality jewellery repairs at affordable prices. Many of our customers say, “The Gold King are the best jewellers on the Gold Coast, they can fix just about anything!”.



Here’s a list of some of the common services we offer:


Ring Resizing from $40

Chain soldering from $20 for silver & $28 for gold

Rhodium plating with polish $45 per ring

Jewellery valuations by certified Gemologist $80

Custom made jewellery free quote



Have you ever wondered where can I get my watch repaired in the Gold Coast region?

Do you need a watch service? The Gold King can help!

We buy luxury watches as well, such as Rolex, TAG Heur, Cartier and much more!

Watch batteries fitted on the spot for most watch models.

Servicing watches and pressure testing done by our watchmaker, not on the spot.

We can service any high end Swiss watch such as Rolex.

We can source new mechanisms, parts and carry out repair work on your watch.



Just like with many car owners, people neglect routine watch servicing, just because they don’t know that it’s necessary.  Even though their watches are ticking or keeping good time, does not mean that all is necessarily well.  Watches can continue to keep operating even with little or no lubrication, due to their strong mainsprings. This can eventually cause a very expensive time-piece to turn into a very costly repair.


Rolex and many other watch companies recommend having your watch overhauled every 3 to 5 years. A typical watch consists of over 200 parts working together, within tolerances measured in thousandths of a millimeter. The day to day movement of these parts causes friction, whether it be metal to metal or metal to ruby jewel contact, it requires proper lubrication to avoid failure.


Over time, the oils and greases used for this lubrication can break down, or dry up. This can adversely affect the accuracy of your watch, and cause damage to the movement’s tiny parts. If a watch movement is not regularly overhauled, the lack of oil will cause microscopic particles from the metal to get into the watch movement. This residue then mixes with the oil, which is chewed up by the gear-train eventually results in a broken mainspring or worse. The resulting symptom is that your watch will slowly loose time and eventually stop running.


Furthermore, old dried-out gaskets can become hard and cracked, and thus result in a loss of the watch’s water resistance. If this happens, and water enters the watch and starts to rust, the movement could become un-serviceable and you may even need an expensive new movement.


Therefore, if water has entered your watch, or even if you notice fog under the crystal, it is very important that you have the watch serviced right away. DO NOT unscrew the winding crown and try to “dry out” the watch. By allowing oxygen to enter a water-damaged watch you are simply jumpstarting the oxidation process and accelerating the rust damage. Instead, you should seal the watch in a zip-lock plastic bag and call your watchmaker immediately or give us a go we would love to help.


A routine watch service focuses on cleaning, lubricating and adjusting, all of which are important in assuring accuracy and reliability with your watch. Once the case-back is opened, however, our watchmaker may also find other problems that need addressing. A good watchmaker should fully dissemble the movement and clean with the correct cleaning and rinse solution in an ultrasonic machine. We will use only the type and amount of lubricants that the factory recommends.


The make of watch and the level of complication determine the fees for such servicing and how long your watch will be out of your possession. Some high-grade watch factories take now up 6 to 12 months for an overhaul. Some watch factories do not make their parts readily available to professional watchmakers, as they have in the past. The idea is to make their brand “exclusive”. This boils down to an unhappy customer that must wait a very long time for their watch and pay outrageous prices. Most high-grade watch owners have had this experience under their belt.


Another route is to find a highly skilled, experienced independent watchmaker to service your watches locally. Whichever repair avenue you choose, it is still of utmost importance to get your timepiece overhauled at least every 5 years. The Gold King’s watchmakers have decades of experience in watch repairs and servicing. We’ll give you 12 months warranty on all the work we carry out. This excludes parts and accidental damage.




Do you need to remodel your ring or pendant?

When it comes to custom made jewellery and remodeling, The Gold King will only use a Master Jeweller with a minimum of 25 years’ experience to do the job. We understand that sentimental items of jewellery deserve that extra care.


We specialize in providing quotes on manufacturing engagement rings, wedding rings, dress rings and other jewellery items. Sometimes, especially with very difficult and pedantic jobs, customers are surprised at the high cost, whereas with simple jobs, they are surprised at the low cost.
At The Gold King, we hand make all of our jewellery from scratch, meaning that we start from an ingot of 18kt gold, silver or platinum. Then the metal is rolled, shaped and soldered together to make a ring.


Many jewelers do not hand make jewellery pieces because casting is much easier and cheaper. Unfortunately, we all know that you get what you pay for and cast rings end up snapping in half and do not last anywhere near as long as handmade jewellery because the metal strength simply is not there. Not to mention, the claws can also easily break from metal fatigue within two years causing diamond loss and a nightmare situation.


Whilst computer aided design (CAD) is increasing in popularity, CAD models are inevitably cast, leading to an inferior product caused by porosity, which are essentially holes in the metal.
Our advice is to have any jewelley item handmade whether you decide to choose The Gold King for the job or another jeweller.
Anyway, why don’t you allow us to draw you a sketch using pen and paper and then we can email it to you or you can show us an image of what you would like designed.


This is all obligation free of course. Please come and visit The Gold King today. You will be glad you did, that’s our promise.


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