The Gold King provides a highly reliable repair service; we repair almost all items of jewellery including watches, no job too big or too small.


Did you know that the most common jewellery repair is a solder. So when you have snapped your chain or bracelet we may be able to do it for as little as $20 (silver) or $28 (gold)




At The Gold King we specialize in delivering quality jewellery repairs at affordable prices. Many of our customers say, “The Gold King are the best jewellers on the Gold Coast, they can fix just about anything!”.



Here’s a list of some of the common services we offer:


Ring Resizing from $40

Chain soldering from $20 for silver & $28 for gold

Rhodium plating with polish $45 per ring

Jewellery valuations by certified Gemmologist $80

Custom made jewellery free quote




Watch batteries fitted on the spot for most watch models.

Servicing watches and pressure testing done by our watchmaker.

We do not service chronograph watches.

We can service any high end Swiss watch such as Rolex.

We can source new mechanisms, parts and do repair work.




When it comes to custom made jewellery and remodeling, The Gold King will only use a Master Jeweller with a minimum of 25 years’ experience to do the job. We understand that sentimental items of jewellery deserve that extra care.


We specialize in providing quotes on manufacturing engagement rings, wedding rings, dress rings and other jewellery items. Sometimes, especially with very difficult and pedantic jobs, customers are surprised at the high cost, whereas with simple jobs, they are surprised at the low cost.
At The Gold King, we hand make all of our jewellery from scratch, meaning that we start from an ingot of 18kt gold, silver or platinum. Then the metal is rolled, shaped and soldered together to make a ring.


Many jewelers do not hand make jewellery pieces because casting is much easier and cheaper. Unfortunately, we all know that you get what you pay for and cast rings end up snapping in half and do not last anywhere near as long as handmade jewellery because the metal strength simply is not there. Not to mention, the claws can also easily break from metal fatigue within two years causing diamond loss and a nightmare situation.


Whilst computer aided design (CAD) is increasing in popularity, CAD models are inevitably cast, leading to an inferior product caused by porosity, which are essentially holes in the metal.
Our advice is to have any jewelley item handmade whether you decide to choose The Gold King for the job or another jeweller.
Anyway, why don’t you allow us to draw you a sketch using pen and paper and then we can email it to you or you can show us an image of what you would like designed.


This is all obligation free of course. Please come and visit The Gold King today. You will be glad you did, that’s our promise.


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